10 Health Benefits of Ginger We Bet You Didn’t Know

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Ginger is used widely for health purposes and cuisines. This not only adds more taste but also warmth in your body. There are many studies that proved ginger brings many good side effects when you use it in certain ways. Even when you add it in your drinking tea.
Mostly ginger is used in India and South East Countries. It is well-known for the natural anti-inflammatory effects which can relieve pain and other symptoms in many illnesses. These are some good things you need to know from this magic root.

Respiratory Issues

What makes ginger special is its antihistamine properties. This agent can help you relieve certain symptoms such as flu, cold and even bronchitis. Many people use ginger for treating allergies because the agents help the patients inhibit the airways contraction. Also, ginger is effective to improve the mucus secretion for people who are suffering from pneumonia.
You can take a teaspoon of ginger juice and then mix it with a teaspoon of honey to soothe your sore throat. In the winter, drink ginger tea to get rid of the congestion due to sinus problems.


Do you often feel nauseous? Probably you need to try some ginger tea or things made from it. Or, simply you can chew the root to lift up the repetition vomiting and nausea. During the flu season, chewing a little ginger can be relieving. Even, when you are experiencing motion sickness, upset stomach, cancer and also if you are a patient cancer, ginger can reduce this nausea symptom. Besides, when you eat this root regularly, you can have a better function of the digestive system.

Cold and Flu

It is like the classic medicine you always love when you have a cold and flu. Studies have proven that consuming 2 tbs fresh ginger root in the hot water, then drink it twice or three times a day can improve your condition. Even if you drink it regularly during the flu season, you can prevent your body from the attack.


Ginger is one of the best herbs as the immune system booster. This is why after you drink its tea, your body can fight flu and cold and other illness. Interestingly, eating ginger every day can prevent you from a heart attack and stroke because this prevents your body from inhibiting the fatty deposits.


If you are suffering from headaches or migraines, ginger is the best medicine. For treating a headache, you can make a ginger paste and apply it on the forehead. This will relieve the inflammation in the blood vessels which later can reduce the symptoms. Many people suffer headaches due to certain reasons, such as sinus, weather and certain diseases. In the winter season, you can apply it in the morning to prevent the headache from ruining your days.


As we mentioned earlier, ginger consists of natural anti-inflammatory properties. It works well on arthritis patients. During the colder months, you might often feel achy joints. So, try to add a few drops of ginger oil in the bath water then soak the area that often suffers from arthritis in 15 minutes.


Cancer is caused by the low immune system that your body cannot fight the uncontrolled growing cells that damage your body. Studies showed that ginger is the best herb to fight cancer by increasing the immune system so it can kill certain cells that cause cancer. This is also helpful for you who are going through chemotherapy by reducing nausea and vomiting.

Menstrual Cramps

Do you often have the menstrual cramps? Then drink ginger tea. This will drive the cramps away and make you more relax so you can feel better.

Open Cuts

An additional agent that is inside ginger is the antimicrobial properties. This is effective to heal the open cuts or wound quicker. It doesn’t mean you have to put the ginger on the wound, you only need to drink tea to help your body heal the wound. Besides, the anti-inflammatory properties can also relieve the pain too.

Fever and Chills

That fever and chills are the most annoying thing when the cold or flu attack your body. Therefore, drinking ginger will help you a lot and it gives you relaxation. As you notice the symptoms are coming, drink the ginger tea regularly.