10 Fun Ways to Reuse Plastic Bottles At Your Home

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A dead whale reported having too much plastic on her body. Even there is a prediction that our earth will be full of plastic, sooner or later. What can we do? In a year, Americans throw away 28 billion of jars and bottles. How about other countries?
When recycled materials are on the high demand, finding the best ways to recycle plastic bottles around your house can help your environment. Producing one bottle for 1 liter of water takes several liters of water. Therefore, it is good to reuse plastics.
Whether you are looking for greener ways to decorate your home and office, or just need some low-cost crafts, these functional and impressive uses for plastic bottles will get anyone excited.

Planters/Vertical Garden

If you need the best idea to repurpose the plastic bottles, we recommend you to create planters for your office or home. Eventually, you can make a small garden by combining many planters from plastics.

Soap Bottle

A quick and easy way to recycle plastic bottles is to repurpose your bottle as a soap bottle. All you need is a twist-on soap dispenser spout and an empty bottle can be used this way.

Sink Extender

If you have kids, it is helpful to repurpose plastic bottles to extend the sink spout. This is a great idea to help your little kids’ hands reach the water. You only need scissors and a little creativity to start.


Reused plastic bottles can also make effective baskets. These baskets can hold anything from school supplies to knickknacks, or anything else that fits.

Cell Phone or Napkin Holder

Much like the plastic bottle baskets, a reused plastic bottle makes an excellent cell phone or napkin holder.

Kids’ Pencil Organizers

Cut up the old plastic bottle to make a nice pencil organizer for kids. What you should prepare are scissors, paint, and a way to mount it. This is a nice way to go green and organize your stuff.

Organizers For Everything Else

Another excellent way to make organizers for your bathroom, kitchen, or workbench is this method of making plastic bottle containers.

Leaf Lamp

This is another amazing way to reuse your plastic bottles. This is an effective way to decorate your home because it is attractive and simple.

Magazine Holder

An outstanding way to repurpose large plastic jugs is this modern yet functional magazine holder.

Mailing Tube

Last but not the least; try to reuse plastic bottles by creating a custom mailing tube. It only needs a few supplies.