10 Facts About Space Below Will Blow Your Mind

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If you approach some astrophysicists to ask about their view on ‘black holes’, you will hear more debate among them but you still enjoy such a topic. With its infinite look, space is an awesome never-ending topic. It is awesome too to know the following mind-boggling facts about it.

Space Might Have Water

It sounds impossible that space might have huge water pools. In fact, last 2011 the Astronomers discovered the super gigantic vapor cloud. This cloud is trapped in the gravitational of the black hole. So, in the future, we might not worry a lot about running out of water because it is believed to hold the Earth’s oceans around 140 trillion times.
However, scientists believe that water is younger than the big bang itself. But we are so happy to know we have more water. It is a matter of time how to reach that area because it is 10 billion light years from Earth. Space science and universe science to know science

We Will Never Finish Traveling Around The Space

In case we have the supersonic space ship (still in doubt), we might not be able to travel around the space. You don’t believe that? Well, the human average life span is 67 for males and 71,1 years for females According to the United Nations World Population Prospects 2015 Revision. So, if we expect to travel around the space, probably it would never be enough because it needs 225 million years to walk a light year. Space science and universe science to know science

If You Mind The Asteroid Eros, You Might Be The Richest Person, At Least In Your City

Asteroid Eros was discovered by the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous spacecraft which according to NASA, this Eros asteroid consists of 3% metal. It is believed Eros contains 1.8 million metric tons of platinum, gold, and other precious metal. It is not the biggest one though, yet it is valued around $20,000. Of course, when it hits the Earth, mankind extinction is possible. Space science and universe science to know science

Maybe More Than 1397 Known Asteroids Can Be The Thread To Mankind

Well, not to be dramatic like the Armageddon scene, NASA has noticed 1397 asteroids that can threaten mankind in our solar system. Probably there are more of them. This number sounds small but if you hear the 350 feet diameter which is now reaching the earth, you must be terrified. Space science and universe science to know science

The International Space Station Incredibly Travels 5 Miles/Second

According to CoolCosmos, the international space stations travels incredibly fast with 17,150 miles/hour. You can watch its orbit in real time in ww.esa.int. Space science and universe science to know science

There Are More Stars Than The Human Ever Talked About

Not trying to exaggerate the fact. According to Scientific American, the number of stars in our universe is beyond the human brain. There are a lot of them! Nicola Willet via The Mars Society mentioned there are at least 70 sextillion x 10 to the power of 22 stars in the universe. And the number of the galaxies probably 100 billion. In conclusion, we actually can never predict how many stars in the universe. Space science and universe science to know science

The Moon Also Hits By The Earthquake

If we think that the moon is just the dead-round land without life, in fact, the moon is seismically active according to Clive. R. Neal, a professor of Civil Engineering and Geological in the University of Notre Dame. Space science and universe science to know science
In 1969 and 1972, the seismometers are placed at the landing sites of Apollo’s Missions resulting in an outstanding result. There are deep moonquakes around 700km below the surface. This is believed to be triggered by the tidal force from the earth. Space science and universe science to know science

The Earth-Alike Planet: Planet HD189733b

Thanks to The Hubble Telescope that finally has found the blue earth in distant space. Well, the name doesn’t sound so friendly in our ears but yes it has the earth look. Unfortunately, we will not be able to live on that planet because the temperature reaches 1,000 degrees Celsius. Such bluish hue tricks us that this planet might be very cold. In fact, the atmosphere is filled molten glass and 4,000 mph winds.

Earth Actually Has More Than One Moon

If you think the earth only has one moon, then you will change your mind after hearing the “co-orbitals” at least 6 of them caught in the Earth’s gravitational pull. However, we cannot see it using naked eyes. Space science and universe science to know science

Our Solar System Has Less Than 9 Planets

When we were kids, we used to know that our solar system has 9 planets with the Pluto as the smallest and the farthest from that sun. Now, the International Astronomical Union no longer consider it as a planet. Space science and universe science to know science