10 Easy Ways to Exercise Your Dog

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Regular exercise is one of your dog’s needs to cover. By developing a daily exercise routine, it means you support your dogs mentally and physically. In fact, many American dogs’ owners have to deal with it. It is because about 50% of dogs in America have a problem with obesity.
Fortunately, there are some quick ways on how to add more exercise to your dogs as part of their daily routine. Here are the interactive activities to help burn extra calories for your dogs.

1. Frisbee

Frisbee is one of the easiest methods to exercise your dogs To us, it is like the game of fetch. You can toss a Frisbee way further than a ball so your dogs run a lot between tosses. The more they run the more fats they burn.
It does not a matter if you never played Frisbee with your dogs. You can start by using a soft disc. You can use rubber, Frisbee. These things are easier to pick up since they are lighter and softer that do not cause injuries.
If you teach your dogs to play Frisbee for the first time, introduce it to them and make them excited about it. Start from a short distance and roll it along the ground so your dogs want to chase it. Once they are excited, start adds a little more distance and encourage them to catch it.
2. Tug of War

2. Tug of War

It is easy, fun and a great way to play tug of war with your dog. It offers plenty of mental and physical exercise. The game relies on the manners so you involve your dog’s impulse control.
If you play tug of war with your puppies, it is important to know how far they can master the basic bite inhibition. If they have not mastered it yet, they have a lot of struggle to play by the rules. In order to make sure that they do not bite your hands, you should teach them first not to bite before playing the game.
It doesn’t matter if you have no tug toy at your home since you can make DIY from old t-shirts or with some fleece. Keep in mind that you put up the toy when it is not in use. Many of these toys made from rope or other materials since it can cause a choking hazard.

3. A Flirt Pole

It is one of the quickest ways to exercise your dog. This is also known as the flirt stick, the long pole with the rope to attach a lure to the end. Your task is to hold the pole and move it around so the lure follows along the ground and your dogs are going to chase. It is good to use a flirt pole since it makes your dogs do a lot of physical and mental exercise. Keep in mind that you should make some short sessions to avoid injury because it is a high impact activity.

4. Walk, Hike or Jog

Daily dog walk can be the option to exercise your dog. It is good for both mental and physical exercise. You can do something like exploring a new location, changing your pace, or finding a new place to go walking with your dogs such as going to the beach, a local park, or a new neighborhood. If you see that your dogs love it so much, it is good to start jogging or hiking with your dog routinely.
4. Walk, Hike or Jog

5. Nose Work Games

It is one of the best ways to keep your dog active and excited to play some nose work games. These games are versatile, full of fun while stimulating your dogs mentally.
You can chop a few carrots into small bits and then hide them around the house. If it is going to be the first time to play the game, start by something smelly. To start, have your dog sit in the stay position. Hide some of those smelly treats around the house. Start hiding the treats in some easy spots. After that, say go find it to your dogs. Praise them every time they can find a treat.

6. A Game of Fetch

It is an interactive and fun way to exercise your dog. If you have a lightweight toy with a little extra room, you can play it indoors. Living rooms, stairways, and hallways can be the option. When some dogs are naturals to play the game, some needs a little practice. If your dogs have no interest in these toys, or if you have a problem to get them to bring it back, you should teach your dogs about the basic lesson to fetch.

7. Play Hide & Seek With Your Dog

It is a fun game to make your dogs use his natural ability to track a scent and stimulate their minds. To start, have your dogs stay while you are finding the best hiding spot. Call your dog and praise them if they can find you.

8. Swimming

Another way to exercise your dog is swimming since it is low impact and it is perfect for dogs with mobility issues like arthritis. Swimming is also the non-weight bearing exercise. It makes your dogs increase the range of motion and build up their muscle mass.
If you have no pool to swim with your dog, check around to find the canine-friendly hydrotherapy centers, public beaches, pools, or dog parks with water feature around your area. If your dogs never swim before, you should take it slow. It is also important to concern about their safety tips.
8. Swimming

9. Kong Stuffing & Food Dispensing Toys

Keep your dogs active and engaged by providing food dispensing toys and Kong stuffing. It can keep your dogs busy for about 30 minutes. You can mix it with healthy treats, broth and then freeze it overnight. It is good to give these toys to stimulate some more mental stimulation, especially at the meal time. Just fill it up and let them knock it around so the food out. If your dogs are new to these toys, you can fill it up first and then encourage them to play and show them that the food out from there. They will learn to do the same to get the food out.

10. Chase Bubbles

Teaching your dogs to chase bubbles is also one of the easiest ways to exercise. It is something simple but full of fun that dogs love it so much. If it is the first time for your dogs, you can start blowing a couple. After that, point them to your dog and encourage them to chase the bubbles. If they afraid of the bubbles, show them that bubbles are safe that they should not worry about.
One of the easiest ways to exercise your dog is to teach them to chase bubbles. I’m not going to lie — I had my doubts when it came to bubbles. I figured there was no way something that simple would be that fun, but boy was I wrong. She absolutely loves it. Bubbles are nontoxic but can upset their stomach if your dog ingests quite much. Wipe off their eyes to avoid any irritation.
10. Chase Bubbles