10 Easy Lego Hacks To Decorate Any Rooms At Home

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If you love to collect Legos, there are many creative ways to use Legos for entertaining, household fixes, and home design solutions. Best of all, the list below is available with the links to get the instructions, create creative Lego build and the Lego kits you will need.

1. Creative Wall Art

Can you believe that you can even make a creative wall art from Lego and old box frames? In this picture, the designer made it from IKEA Ribba box frames and Lego from the Lego Architecture Range. If you think that you want to tell the world you love to play Legos so much, we think you should hang this creative wall art in your living room and amaze everyone.

2. Game Of Chess

Have no idea on how to enjoy your boring time? Take Legos and play chess.
How to: See a basic tutorial here.

3. Mountain Train Book Ends

How to: If you ask nicely, this creative man may give you a few pointers.

4. Character Clock

We really want this!

5. Multi-Colored Mirror

Add more colors to your room by hanging a mirror with all colorful Legos around it!

6. Super Mario Style Planter

Cannot move from Super Mario game yet? Try this!

7. Lion Hearted Light Switch

Assuming that this basic design is your starting point, research what Lego sets or parts you may need and let your imagination run!

8. Click Art Flowers

Try this simpler version for a start, then add your own flair.

9. Coaster Set

Use it anytime, place it in any room. This is simple but perfect enough to complete your morning tea.

10. Light Stories Lamp

Lamp socket and cord sold separately, for the rest you can try this.