10 Differences Between Being In Love and Being Attached To Someone

When we are in a relationship, we tend to feel that the relationship is based on love. But, this is not necessarily the case in every relationship, because not everyone you feel close to, truly loves you. Chances are that there is only attachment from their side, or maybe even from your side.

We all need to clearly understand the differences between being in love and just being attached to someone to really know the depth of our relationships. Keeping that in mind, we have created a list for you where you will get to know the differences between love and attachment:

smiling couple

Love is selfless; attachment is selfish

When we truly love someone, we think of their happiness more than our own happiness. Love is that feeling in which your happiness is just in the happiness of the other person and for this you are ready to do everything.

Love is selfless

Whereas, when you are attached to someone you will only see your happiness even if that hinders the true happiness of the other person in the relationship. You are only concerned about your needs and wants in this kind of a relationship.

attachment is selfish

Love is pure passion; attachment settles for a relationship without a desire

In true love, one feels complete with the partner as they are passionately together. But, in attachment people only try to feel needed by someone, even if there is nothing in common between the two of them. There is no desire to be together, instead there is that fear of being alone, which makes you stay in that loveless relationship.

Love is pure passion

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