10 Creative Ideas That Add A Chic Look To Your Room

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Want to add a chic look to your room without spending a penny? Well, try these 10 creative ideas and you will love your room more and more.

1. Embroidered Laundry Hamper

We have to say that this is the fun to decorate idea. It is the best solution if you want to save your space. Besides, this project is easy to make. You only need an old pillowcase, screws, a drill, hook, some ribbon, and embroidery hoop.

2. Sweater Pillow

The next DIY project to try at home is these beautiful sweater pillows. You only need an old sweater, foam, and fabric. This DIY project is easy to make. Besides, this project will add more color to your living room and bedroom.

3. Over-sized Letters From Paper Mache

We think this over-sized letters from paper mache is a nice addition to personalize your home. It is because the craft is perfect for any room. This amazing decorating plan is easy to make because you only need paper mache to create giant letters. After that, you only have to apply for silver or gold metallic spray.

4. Fabric In Frames

This decorating idea is a great way to brighten up your walls without spending too much money. Cut up your old, patterned blankets and simply insert into picture frames. For an extra quirky effect, use different sized frames.

5. DIY Cork Mat

Try this cool decorating idea to add some life to your kitchen. Simply cut up old cork bottle tops, arrange them into a pattern you like, and glue the pieces together. You can even use red wine stained corks to add color and depth to your mat.

6. Branch Jewelry Hanger

We are sure that you are agreeing if this is a beautiful decorating idea. It is also a simple project to make without spending a penny.

7. Geometric Wall Hanging

Use an old sheet, a tub of paint and a cardboard cut out to create wall hangings for your home. Try a multicolored version for a child’s bedroom!

8. Branch Bed Post

Add a unique twist to your bedroom using this cool decorating idea. Simply superglue the branches to each corner of your bed, then using string, tie the fairy lights to the top of each branch.

9. Crate Chairs

Try your hand at making crate chairs to add a relaxed feel to any room in your house. Staple or glue plywood to the top of the crate, and then create your own cushion on top of the wood!

10. Hide Plugs With A Picture

Do you want to hide the unsightly plugs and thermostats? Well, this is the time to buy a cheap picture and then add hinges. This is what you need that will allow you to access everything effortlessly but still get a nice view.