10 Cool and Creative DIY Thanks Giving Decorations For Your Home

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What is the best thing when it comes to decorating your home for fall and holidays? Well, you can even use any pieces or materials from your backyard and even around your house. Therefore, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money just to decorate your home to welcome the Thanks Giving. If you don’t know where to start, you can check out the DIY projects below. We are sure that you can have fun with your family to gather and enjoy the craft.

1. Fall Arrangements

Some of the best centerpieces can be made just by traipsing through your backyard. Gather a few branches full of colorful fall leaves and then place in a sturdy vase (the best kind of vases for a fall theme are ceramic). If you have access to holly, crab apple, or bittersweet berry branches, grab some of those instead! The great thing with these arrangements is that as soon as your pieces start to wither, you just need to run outside to grab fresh ones.
If the table feels cluttered with the food and decorations, switch your centerpiece over to the buffet table or a side table.

2. Garlands

If we have to say that there are various garlands available for your wall, door, and also mantle. You can start with glittery falling leaves and other pieces. Eventually, you can use some ribbons in your craft boxes and then collect large fall leaves from your garden to make a bunch. In addition, you can collect the leaves and then string through the center of each. We are sure that the garlands are a great mantle piece to complete your door.

3. Candle

The great thing about these candle pieces is that you don’t need anything that you can’t find in your home. If you don’t have simple candle holders, you can easily use mason jars or even glasses. Pour a small amount of un-popped popcorn kernels at the bottom of the jars or glasses. Then pour more kernels around the candles, filling about halfway up the height of the candles. If you don’t have popcorn kernels on hand, you can easily replace them with coffee beans for a darker look (or try dried peas or beans).

4. Placemats & Table Settings

A great idea for easy and cheap placemats is to take some brown butcher paper and cut them into a rectangle large enough for each place setting. On the right-hand side of each mat, write “I am thankful for:” and then draw a few lines beneath. This will give everyone a chance to write down a few things they are thankful for as they eat.
If you want to keep the focus on your beautiful table, you can create something a little smaller – a thankful holder for silverware. With this idea, you can either use your computer or hand draw/write “thankful for” on a piece of paper and then a few blank lines following. Use this tutorial to see how to fold the paper and where to place the writing.

5. Kids’ Table

It is the time to accommodate your little buddies by providing a tablecloth. What you should do is to use craft paper to cover the table. In addition, you can use a light brown butcher paper. Besides, you can place a small pot of crayons on the table so that kids can use it to draw everything. Make the table is more fun by drawing the makeshift placemats around the plates.

6. Edible Centerpieces

To give centerpieces a new spin, create something both beautiful and functional. Place a large serving platter on the table and fill with fruits and nuts in colorful or deeper hues.

7. The Edible Place Settings

Along the lines of the edible centerpieces, invest in edible place settings. It’s popular to use pinecones with name tags for place settings, but this year go for something a little more unique and colorful. Place a beautiful pear, persimmon, or apple on each plate. Want to give something a little sweeter? Use a yummy caramel apple.

8. Leaf & Branch Mobile

A beautiful DIY decoration you can easily make is this leaf and branch mobile. You can check out this tutorial of making watercolor leaves or collect a handful of fall leaves from your backyard. Grab a branch from outside too and use thread that is similar to the paint color of your wall, tie the string to the end of the stem of each leaf and then tie to the branch.

9. The Chalkboard Sign

With chalkboard signs, easels, and walls becoming more and more popular in the home this DIY piece is easy, and well, priceless. Take your chalkboard or wall and clear it off. Using some beautiful stenciling write “Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart” or another thankful phrase. Attach a few small fall leaves to the board as a border and for a pop of color.

10. Thankful Tree

To gather with your family on a holiday, you can even create a simple yet sweet thankful tree. What you and your family should do is to gather the branches and twigs and then place them in a mason jar.
After that, cut out a bunch of small circles from fun scrapbook paper (remember all those pieces of paper that you don’t want to throw away but don’t know what to do with? They’re perfect for this!) and then punch a small hole at the top of each. Place the circles in a small dish next to the “tree” with a pen and then place everything in an area that is often passed. When guests or family members walk past, they can write down something they are thankful for on a little circle and then place on a branch.