10 Clever Ways To Decorate Room Without A Closet

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We bet you rent a least expensive apartment or studio. Sadly, the apartment only has a bedroom and there is no closet. Well, it does not a big deal. You can still handle everything to organize your room. Even if you have no closet, still, you can use the ways below to enjoy your life.

1. Buy Armoire or Dresser

This is an obvious and simple solution to the problem room without a closet. Head to a thrift store, a resell shop or a big box store and find something that fits the space and your taste. If you can’t stand the thought of having your clothes out on display for the world (read: your friends) to see, this route is your best option.

2. Have Clothes Rack

The wonderful thing to add to a room with no closet is a clothes rack. You can make or buy it. It is good to use the rack to display your shoes by adding the shelf on the bottom. Otherwise, try to add multiple hanging levels. Well, the options of clothes rack on today’s market are endless. It depends on your needs.

3. Create Wall Hung Organizer

This may sound pretty daunting if you’re not exactly the “do it yourself” type, but it doesn’t have to be. Create hanging clothes rack pretty much anywhere in your apartment and our room. It’s as simple hanging two strong ropes or chain down from your ceiling and using them to hold a pole in place. Clothes rack not quite your thing? Just hang a chain along the wall and hook your clothes hangers into the chain. Viola! You not only save space but now your beautiful pieces of clothing double as art. Do you have a lot of scarves? Try hanging a curtain rod on your wall and drape them along it. Now you can enjoy your beautiful scarves any season!

4. Raise Bed

This is the classic trick to add more space to your bedroom. Bed risers are available in different heights and designs. What you should buy is some storage containers and then store your clothes, shoes, and others under the bed.

5. Loft Bed

By lofting your bed, you open up a lot more floor space to get creative with. You can use that space to create a closet, an office space or anything really. You can build your own or you can buy one, but just make sure you give yourself enough room to sit up in your bed!

6. Faux Headboard From Your Clothes

If you do not mind to hear that this is not the best Feng Shui, but it is interesting. It does not a big deal if you think it is too much to see your clothes. You can add some fabric, hang it across to hide your wardrobe.

7. Shelves

You can take vintage crates, planks of wood, wooden boxes, and others to create your shelves and add extra storage. Whether you make built-in or stacked shelves, you will need shelves to store shoes, books, pants, and everything. Paint the shelves to add a pop of color and to create a fun look.

8. A Trunk

A decorative bench or a trunk add for a touch of flair to your room and a lot of storage. A great place to keep your out-of-season clothes or shoes. You could also use shoe boxes and turn it into a smaller, makeshift dresser.

9. Room Divider

Using a folding screen will be meaningful if you have no closet. Divide the room will provide the area to your wardrobe with no clutter look.

10. Ladder

Granted, this would work best for children’s clothing, but it will create a unique look either way. Use a wooden ladder and hang clothes, scarves, or belts of the rungs or use it as a way to cover…