10 Brilliant Ways to Repurpose Used Baby Crib

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Having a child is about to rejoice and to celebrate. Therefore, we will buy almost anything such as toys, matching outfits, and even some baby furniture. On the other hands, we have the reality that they grow old too.
The pretty clothes will no longer fit and the once-loved toys will one day no longer be used. Luckily, those easy to carry items can get to be donated or given away into the hands of younger generations; but what do we do with the things we can’t really put back into boxes like crib? Sometimes we just throw them away, and sometimes we even get to sell those things.
Well, it is better not to do this. You can try to do some DIY projects to repurpose the used baby furniture.

1.  A Relaxing Reading Nook

Do you want to help your kids to love books more? Well, you can make this relaxing reading nook for them. What you should do is to involve them such as choosing the fabric for the seat. In addition, you can take them to buy the supplies so they have their opinions and help you create this furniture.
Find the source here.

2. A Picnic Wagon

This wagon is helpful to carry all the needed supplies to the backyard. This DIY project is worth for your money. You can check out the tutorial here.

3. A Desk

Because where else would your little scientist/artist/world traveler study?
Mix-and-match some chairs, keep it simple (as seen above) or add some color if your child like stuff flashy. Add a few hooks or supplies and instead of a regular table as a base, add some chalkboard paint to multiply the entertainment possibilities.
Source here.

4. A Rack

Do you want to display some of your antique collections? Why do not you make this?
Find more information here.

5. New Couch

In fact, you can even use the unused crib into a new couch. If you think that the crib take too much space in your home, well, this is the time to transform it into a functional couch for a comfortable spot. Besides, you can place it almost anywhere in your home.
Source can be found here.

6. A Jewelry Organizer

Well, to be honest that all girls will love to find this one in their room. Why do not make a little surprise for them?
Source here.

7. A Herb Garden

You know you want one.
Maybe your kids aren’t into veggies that much right now, but if you get to teach them a bit about gardening from a young age on, they might be curious enough to figure out if ‘love makes everything better’ also included the taste of celery.
Find the instructions here.

8. A Vintage Porch Seat

Made with that crib you inherited from a Southerner aunt.
You might even include some armrest or hang it from the tree in the backyard. From seat to swing, how cool is that?
More information here.

9. A Dog Crate

For the new baby in the family and your child’s future best friend. A comfy pillow/blanket is all this one needs!
Source here.

10. A Toddler Bed

It is okay if you do not want to remove the crib out of the room because you think it is still good enough and your kid does not need the big kids’ bed yet. Well, you can use it as a toddler bed.
Source can be found here.