10 Body Hacks To Do To Increase Your Life Quality

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Are you ready to make your life is healthier, better, and happier? Well, do not waste your time. Try these body hacks that will change your life immediately.

1. Make Yourself To Fall Asleep Fast

If there is no important matter, it is better to go home and spend your free time to go to bed immediately. When you have to wake up in the morning, you should not hang out and or watch TV in your bed. You should go to bed immediately. This is good to make you associate your bed with sleeping. By doing this way, it helps you to fall asleep more quickly once you hit the pillow.

2. No Brain Freeze Fast

Do you know what the brain freeze is? It is the intense pain that will happen after easting the very cold foods. It is the response that our nerve gives to us especially to cold food when it touches the soft palate at the back of the mouth. You can stop this sensation by warming up the soft palate with your tongue. To do so, push it up and flat against the roof of your mouth.

3. Hold Your Breath Longer

It is possible to hold your breath a little bit longer but you have to hyperventilate first. To do so, take several short breaths quickly. This is the best way to trick your body so it seems the body has a larger oxygen supply. Therefore, your body will not easily feel tired.

4. Improve The Vision

One potential cause for nearsightedness is what optometrists call near point stress that occurs from staring for hours on end at an up-close item like your computer’s monitor. One way to combat this and improve your long distance vision after sitting at your desk all day is to periodically close your eyes, take a deep breath and flex your major muscle groups. Doing this will help the involuntary muscles in your eyes to relax.

5. How To Hold Back Tears

To avoid publicly weeping, hold your eyes open without blinking and you can usually hold back the tears. If you have already starting to cry, try looking upward without tilting your head to stop up the waterworks.

6. How To Prevent Yawn

If you are about to yawn, try touching the tip of your tongue just as your mouth opens to stop this embarrassing display dead in its tracks.

7. How To Increase Your Memory

Cinnamon is taken by many as a supplement to aid in weight loss, but did you know that just smelling cinnamon can improve both your memory and cognition. Try keeping a few cinnamon sticks in a cotton sachet by your desk and take a deep whiff whenever you need a quick mental pick-me-up.

8. Get Rid of the Hiccups

There are a million and one home remedies for the hiccups and we all have our personal method of choice, but if you ever find that your go-to technique just isn’t cutting it, give this a shot: hold a breath as long as possible and when you just can’t hold it any longer, exhale as slowly as you can.

9. Suppress your Gag Reflex

The next time you feel the urge to gag, try gripping your thumb firmly within your closed fist to help suppress your gag reflex.

10. Avoid Blisters When You Burn Your Fingers

Typically, if you touch something hot, the initial reaction is to reach for some ice, and while that may ease your pain quickly, that’s not necessarily what’s best for your skin as you are going from one temperature extreme to another. Try cleaning the affected area and applying pressure against the palm of your uninjured hand to prevent the burn from turning into a blister.