10 Big Secrets To Start Gardening With Your Dog

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Do you love your dogs? Do you love gardening?
Dog and gardens, they cannot mix well sometimes. So, if you want to balance the needs of plants and pets, take a time to read this to start your dream.

1. Train Your Dog

Believe us, the earlier you train your dog, the better the result will be. Old dogs even can learn new tricks. However, if you have a cute little dog, you should start training your dog as you take it home. Let your puppy learns about some parts of the garden he cannot deal with. It is wrong if you assume that your puppy cannot learn. Even if you have a six-week-old puppy, he can master the basic commands.

2. Alone Is Bad

So, you want to make a perfect garden or lawn. What you can do is to never shove the dog out of the back door while you are still working. Dogs need exercise and there is nothing to do, this animal can get bored quickly. If you leave your dog alone, it is something bad that he can find the best ways to have fun such as digging up your beautiful plants and tear out the sod.

3. Obedience

It is good to bring your dog in an obedience class. There, your dog will learn the basic commands such as stay, sit, and down. For larger dogs, they can be the better partner for gardening. They can hang out without creating any trouble. It is also interesting to find the local obedience class and register your dog to enroll the class as soon as possible. This is also the rule for the new dog to adopt.

4. Strong Latches

The great way to keep your dog from out of your yard is to make sure that you have the strong latches for the garden gates. The gate lock is what you need to prevent dog from entering the garden area.
It is also good to make sure that your dog wears a collar with the ID tags or have it microchipped. In case that your dog disappears, the chance to find the dog is higher.

5. Fence

When the things above fail, you should protect your borders and beds with the low fence. The low picket fence is the best way to keep your dog at the bay. Eventually, we recommend you to check your fence per month to make sure that your pet has not dug an escape route through the secret corner.

6. A Kennel

If the condition is your dog always spends a lot of time alone, the best thing to do is to build a kennel. This way will help your dog remains safely, especially during the day. In addition, most kennels are from chain link. It does not a matter. You can make your DIY project with the ornamental fencing. For example, use the gravel to cover the ground and make sure that the dog has enough fresh water and shelter.

7. Deck

Another great place to make sure that your dog can enjoy the outdoors is by adding a large deck. It works if you cannot watch your pet for every second in the garden. To do so, install the study railing along with the gate. This way will make your dog will not make your garden full of mess.
If you want to keep your dog occupied, it is good to give chew toys to your dog. This is also a simple way to protect the deck.

8. Have Fun With Your Dog

Indeed, your dog needs mental and physical stimulation every day. Therefore, you should carve out the time just to give your dog a long walk of playtime. If you have an active breed, it means that it can create big damage to our beds and borders once the dog is bored. The simple thing to do is to walk with your dog for about 40 minutes every day so he is happy and fit.

9. Involve Your Dog

When you are gardening, you can even provide your dog with a nice activity. For instance, your dog will be happy to get a tennis ball tossed throughout the day while you are working in your greenhouse.

10. Special Toys

Next, try to add dog toys in the garden. It means that these are the special toys for your dog only to play while your dog is with you in the garden.

11.  Water

Dogs can get hot quickly and therefore it is always good to provide a source of fresh water in the garden. It is worth to add a handmade dog bowl to your garden that also can work as the garden decor.

12. Shelter

Even though your dog stays in your house, he will appreciate you if you provide his own home for his shelter outside. Besides, doghouses can be so simple that you only need to design one to match to your home and it is perfect for the landscape.

13. The Garden Path

Keep his feet and paws dry by paving the garden path. You can use gravel or brick in this point. In fact, most dogs can learn quickly to walk on the paths so that the garden and lawn soil still looks great.
It is also great to use mulched paths. Nevertheless, you should not use cocoa bean hulls to make the pathway because if your dog eats the mulch, he will get sick.

14. The Barrier Plants

The good news is rambunctious dog also avoids garden beds with tall, thorny, and fragrant plants. For example, you can plant barberries, euphorbia, roses, Joe Pye weed, and bamboo as the rugged and beautiful plants that dogs will stay away.

15. Container Gardening

The next way to try if everything fails is to make a container gardening. It is all about planting your most favorite vegetables or flowers in the containers. Don’t worry that most plants can grow well in the large planters or pots. The dog likely will not trample the plants with his pounding paws.