10 Beautiful Hikes To Plan Around Nashville, TN

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Planning to head to the Music City this weekend? Or, you just moved here? If so, Tennessee has some beautiful outdoor funs you will never regret to check out. These places are great for hiking and swimming. Best of all, it only takes two hours of driving.

1. Cummins Falls

Experience the incredible hike. As one of the tops falls in the Southeast, it only takes one and a half hours from Nashville. The area is far away, isolated especially in the winter. Visit the destination in the summer and you will enjoy the swimming holes.
Pack list:
Camera and tripod for long exposures, backpack, towel, a walking stick for the river crossings, sunscreen for swimming, and water shoes.
At 4 miles of adventure with 800 feet of elevation gain, the out-and-back is not too hard even beginner should visit this destination. This is the year-round destination that allows you to do anything from swimming, hiking, to photography.

2. Fall Creek Falls

Get the highest fall waterfall of the Mississippi River. After that, you should continue on the trail to find the five remaining waterfalls. Enjoy the swimming bridge as well!
Pack list:
Hiking boots, water, snacks, camera, and wind jacket
3 miles of distance and 715 feet of elevation gain is enough for beginner to hiking in spring, summer, and autumn.

3. Greeter Falls

The trails are easy to hike and go to the natural swimming hole. You will be amazed and have fun with the cliff jumping. Your day trip will be great to enjoy the rock structures, multiple waterfalls, and impressive scenery.
Pack list:
Water, snacks, swimsuit, towels, daypack, and sun protection
With 1.8 miles of distance and 250 feet of elevation gain, you can do a lot of things such as hiking, fitness, backpacking, swimming, and photography. The loop trail makes it perfect for beginner to visit the area in any season.

4. The Machine Falls

The destination is very nice and beautiful to hike along with the secluded waterfall. It only takes 1 hour from Nashville. The photogenic and crisp Machine Falls make it great for the day trip.
Pack list:
Daypack, water, snacks, trekking poles for the shaky legs, hiking sandals, and friends
Spring, summer, and autumn are the best seasons to visit the location. It only takes 1.6 miles of distance with loop trail type that even great for photography, hiking, and chilling. The area is perfect for a beginner!

5. Ozone Falls

If you hate to walk too long just to enjoy nature, head to Ozone Falls. With the short walk in just 15 minutes from the parking lot, you will reach the destination.  There, you can stand above the 110 feet of waterfall, but be careful. The area also offers a nice swimming hole that is beneath the falls.
Pack list:
Good walking shoes, water, sunscreen, towel, and swimsuit
Visit the destination in any season and the track is even great for a beginner. Besides swimming, you can do other activities such as hiking and photography.

6. Stillhouse Falls

The waterfall is so beautiful that is only about 1 hour to head to the south of Nashville. The trail to hike is easy and the location is dog-friendly. It seems great to bring your little dog and enjoy the great escape from the busy world!
Since it is a fun short hike, you don’t even spend a lot of energy. What you should do next is to hang out there and to bring your hammock to read a book.
Pack list:
Snack, water, hiking shoes, water shoes, hammock, leash for a dog, camera, book, and blanket
1 mile of hiking and 236 feet of elevation gain is enough for beginner to deal with the out-and-back trail. Visit the area in any season for fitness, hiking, running, yoga, mountain biking, photography, and chilling

7. Twin Falls

The waterfall is amazing and not so popular that only a few people know the destination. For the new hikers, the hike is so phenomenal that makes it perfect with the short hike and the big reward.
Pack list:
Shoes that can get wet, earplugs, and clothes
1 mile of distance is enough for camping, kayaking, and swimming, hiking, and fishing. You can visit the destination in any season and therefore, the area is so perfect for a beginner.

8. Photograph Welch’s Point

Do you look for a great sunset spot? Well, it is the time to hang out without hiking to the East Tennessee. The site was available since 2014 after the area was closed for decades! Now, it is the most spectacular spot to enjoy the beauty of sunset in East Tennessee.
The pack list:
Camera, wide angle lenses, tripod, hammock, blanket, snacks, and bug spray
With 0.07 miles of distance and zero feet of elevation gain, do some great activities here such as hiking, photography, and chilling in any season. The out-and-back trail makes it great for a beginner.

9. The Bluff Overlook Trail

We admit that Nashville has a lot of things to offer when it comes to natural overlooks. If you search for a quiet place with an adorable view, take 30 minutes to drive outside of the city.
Pack list:
Small backpack, camera, blanket, and book
At 0.6 miles, an out-and-back trail, visit the spot in any season to hike and to take some photos. Best of all, the place is great for a beginner.

10. Burgess Falls

Do you need a family-friendly destination? Take this! It only requires a half hike and short miles to enjoy the beautiful views of 136 foot Burgess Falls.
The area offers few waterfalls such as Falling Water Cascades, Little Falls, Middle Falls, and the main is the Burgess Falls. Few spots for swimming are also available and therefore, we recommend you to bring your suit especially on a summer day.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water, swimming suit, and snacks
The out-and-back trail is very short, in which you need 1.5 miles to enjoy hiking and photography in any season. Therefore, we recommend this site is a great place for a beginner to take time of beautiful scenery with 623 feet of elevation gain.