10 Amazing Backpacking Tips To Do With Your Dog

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It is awesome if you can backpack with your faithful dog.

So, is it going to be the first experience? Hiking and backpacking with the dog are so much fun since you two have a good time to traverse the outdoors. You can experience nature together with the beautiful views of forests and mountains that even make you feel staying indoors are silly. Taking your dogs with you for a backpacking trip will also add the safety and companionship to your adventures. If you think that you are ready to bring your furry buddies for your adventures, here are some things you should know.

1. The Equipment

It is good to be realistic that dogs may become rougher on the equipment than humans. If you buy an inflatable sleeping pad because it is foldable and lightweight, then think about how it really works for you, especially with the dog. Some dogs want to sleep with their pet parents, and if your dog does the same, then you should reconsider your sleeping bag. Otherwise, it is possible if you have some issues with the pad and the dog, such as the pop in the morning you just woke up, the slow hiss from the deflated sleeping pad, the ground is hard and cold, and everything. Well, perhaps, you can repair the tear, but can you deal with everything after the trip?
Therefore, it is good to always think about your dog when you want to buy any equipment. Your dog may have contact with it. For example is the tent. When you choose thinner and more lightweight tent because it is easier to carry, can the tent deals with the dog nails? You should also think about the size, as well. You should not bring 1 person tent if you go with your two big dogs.

2. Water

It is glad to know that your backpacking destinations come with the streams all along the way so you do not have any issues with the freshwater source. If you do your solo backpacking trip, of course, you only have to pack extra water for the pup. If you bring your dog, you should pack extra container as well as a bowl to help your dog drink out of. You can use a foldable bowl and water pouches that fit your backpack.

3. Dog’s Backpack

We think it is the most favorite part to backpack with your dog. If your dog has endless energy and the dog is super agile, it is good to let him carry his food and water in his pack.

4. The Gear

So, you may think that dogs are animals but they cannot run around without protective gear like wolves. If you think dog’s gear is stupid and waste the money, it is better to change your mind. Your dog is going to sunburn with the shredded paws. If you want to apply for human sunscreen, it can be toxic to your dogs. Therefore, you need to buy sunscreen specially-designed for dogs if you backpack in summer. In addition, it is helpful to support your dog’s paw with comfortable boots. Just note that you have to take the boots off periodically because dog’s sweat can go through his paws and taking the boots off will let the paws breathe. In addition, it is important to bring flea or tick preventative. You can even use the natural spray. If you want to explore at night, we recommend you to support your little buddy with an LED collar. It makes you easily keep an eye on him.
Besides, if you backpack with your dog with the cold nights to spend, you should bring a blanket or coat for your dog. It is because not all dogs can deal with the cold weather for quite long.

5. Leash

Well, it depends on the destinations of your backpack trip. Some of the places allow your dog, and others may not. During the adventure, you may want your dogs to roam free, but it is good to bring a leash on hand, as always. Perhaps, your dog is good to stay nearby when you bring them outdoors, but sometimes your dog will not listen to you when you come across other dogs and hikers. In this condition, not all hikers are okay with your dog is off leash.

6. Collar With Tags

We do know that you have microchipped your dog, but the quickest way to get someone to contact you is the ID tag, just in case that they find your little dog. It is good to put the tags in capital letters. Besides, during your hiking, there will be no cell services. Therefore, you should add two contact numbers on the tag.

7. Food

Your dog is burning a lot of calories while they are running around the trail all day. This is the reason why their appetites can increase. Therefore, it is good to pack the actual dog traits. In addition, you should know what foods dogs should and should not eat when you give him human food. It is better to plan and provide more foods than usual.

8. Dog Towel

You will need this one if you let your dog sleep in the tent with you. Dogs are always messy out on the trail. And they will bring the mess into the tent, including to your sleeping bag. Make your little buddy feel comfortable to lie on the towel instead of on the ground.

9. Check-Up

This is the important thing to do when you are about hiking with your dog. You should make an appointment with a vet before the backpacking season. It is good to know that your dog has good fitness. Besides, you need to tell your vet that your dog accompanies your adventure. Here, your vet likely will provide the preventative medicine to deal with some serious stuff like worms and parasites in fresh water.

10. Activity Level

Take a big concern on your dog activity level that not all dogs can deal with outdoor adventures. Some of them may love the day hikes, but others cannot do the night adventures. Also, not all dogs can do everything well in the tents. If you are tired of the full day of hiking, it is not fun to have a dog that keeps you up all night.
It is also good to know that if this is the first time to backpack or camp or hike with your dog, we recommend you to gradually introduce the activity, such as starting the short hikes. Last but not least is the trip should be fun for you and your dog.